Friday, October 7, 2011


Building a brand that positively affects the lives of millions of people and stands the test of time demands a seasoned leadership and management team. Yoli was founded by six seasoned entrepreneurs with a common vision of helping others live life to its fullest and helping people prosper in a constantly shifting, challenging economy.

Yoli has proven that when you provide people with life-changing products, at competitive prices, with a fair compensation plan, a proven system and great training, that success is possible for anyone, no matter where they happen to find themselves today. Launched on November 6th, 2009, Yoli is headquartered in Sandy, UT, right in the middle of the "silicon valley" of network marketing.

Not only is Yoli committed to making a difference in both the lives of our Distributors and customers, but to the world at large. Through a partnership with Trees For the Future, Yoli has created a powerful culture of giving as well as protecting our precious environment.

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